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What will you find?

Critical Thinking for a Healthier you: 

We all know how researchers and medical reports 
often contradict each other. Here you will 
find the truth according to research done with 
integrity and truths from my own personal life. 

What about PETA? What about the die-hard Vegans? 
What about all those body builders? Don't you 
need meats for healthy living? Isn't all those 
other non-farmer's diet unusual, unhealthy, 
radical diets for those without a clue? 

I hope to answer these questions and more! 
Let me be frank. I do not believe that 
everyone can, or should go Vegan. I do 
believe that most people can be healthy vegans. 

Accessibility for Colour Processing Needs

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B12 and the absolute Truth as I see it

Pro-anti-vegans will argue you need animal for B12 and that getting it from tablets is just plain wrong. I will argue that we have found ways of producing B12 and getting that B12 into Vegans milks and Cereals which completely negates needing to take a tablet. I will also argue that unless the Senior in question eats liver or oysters as their main protein source, even they need to take evil B12 tablets often times.  
What about liver? Liver is high in cholesterol. You do not need liver. All the benefits of liver are taken away by the high cholesterol. Yes, liver does filter all the poisons and toxins, and therefore, those who are pro-vegan, do not want to touch liver, because it is considered bad for you. Do you want to eat that? I don't, but mainly because there are healthier choices. Biblically speaking, shellfish was not allowed to be ate. This is in both the Jewish and the Christian Bibles. Yes, Christians think that Jesus dying on the "cross" made it so that we can eat everything! I disagree fully as Jesus dying did not change the fact that shellfish still has toxins in it. 


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